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Case Studies

An In-Depth look inside some of my favorite projects!

Keeta Sweets with "The Move" Podcast

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Support a growing eco-friendly pest control brand in a competitive and regulated category.

 In a category that is loud with ‘kill’ messaging, and lives in heavy  black/red design, we carved out a space that speaks to consumers who are  looking for alternative solutions

No Mess. No Chemicals. No Pests – Guaranteed.

Regulated category.
’Trigger’ purchase product.
Connection with Millennial Mindset.

Sales increased 60% year over year.
Named as one of Inc. 500’s Fastest growing companies.
Recently rolled out to 1,400 Lowe’s Home Improvement stores nationwide.

Rawsteen Clothing Co. (The "Red" Capsule)

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Jump start the fundraising year with a campaign  focused on gaining new donors and increasing the annual gifts from  current donors.

Fans are more likely to  donate when they know exactly how their gift impacts the lives of  student-athlete. How do we show that donated funds are used for far more  than just textbooks and jerseys? What if we could create an interactive  way for fans to spend donations on building their ideal, well-balanced  student-athlete?

The “Develop A Champion”  campaign was born. A two-part interactive game that allows fans to  allocate stars (aka funds) to essential resources for any Athletic  Department – Facilities, Academic Support, Recruiting, etc. As they  think through where they want to allocate their resources, they are  prompted with a message to “Fundraise for Deacon Club” which allows them  to earn even more stars to allocate. This behavior is intended to  reinforce the need for funds and additional donors in order to achieve  the Wake Forest Athletic Department’s mission to Develop Champions. In  addition, the campaign was supported with targeted emails, a direct  mailer, timely paid social ads and retargeting banner ads.

20% increase over fundraising goal in new and increased donations as well as 8% increase in new Deacon Club members gained.

The "Blacklist" Party (All-Star 2019 Edition)

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Help turn around a 3-year decline in  business and reintroduce the restaurant with its newly renovated upscale  interior and brand positioning.

 Highlight Noble’s many new options for any occasion: a revised lunch  menu, lower prices, live Jazz on Saturdays, catering, patio dining,  curbside pick-up, weekly chef’s specials, and small plate options at  reduced prices.

Deliver “Local Southern Cuisine the Way You Want It” through social media

Reversed the decline in sales, including their best week of sales in over six years.
Facebook Results after one year:
– Lifetime Likes increased 45%, from 816 likes to 1189 likes.
– The Weekly Viral Reach increased over 1,000% from 361 people/week to 3,682.
– Weekly Total Impressions increased over 760% from 1,625 people/week to 12,464.

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